15 Easy Ways to Instantly Improve Your Home’s Lighting

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January 27, 2021
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15 Easy Ways to Instantly Improve Your Home’s Lighting

1. Choose a Lighting Focal Point

2. Consider Scale When Selecting Light Fixtures

3. Layer Lighting for a Balanced Effect

4. Use Dimmers Wherever You Can

5. Use Lighting in Unexpected Ways

6. Get a Lighting Control App

8. Find a New Ceiling Fan

9. Fix Your Media Room Lighting

10. Change the Oldest Lighting Fixture in Your Home

11. Pick a New Shade

12. Replace a Light Switch

13. Check the Height of Your Dining Room Chandelier

14. Swap Your Holiday Lights for LED Versions

15. Add an Exterior Fixture

Lighting choices can make or break a room’s design and mood. Fix outdated or inefficient lights with these expert tips on choosing and updating fixtures, bulbs, and switches. Use these lighting ideas to brighten rooms, save energy, and give your home an entirely new look.